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About Whyfield Accounting Services

We were set up when digital replaced analogue accounting in 2014. This means our services are plugged into today’s systems like Xero and Quickbooks.

Don’t worry, we made sure to bring over some ideas that’ll never go out of fashion. We will always visit at a time that suits you and enable you to speak directly to our team whenever you need to. That’s why we say you’ll probably pay less and you’ll certainly get more.

“When you think of accountants, you typically think of nerdy beancounters… Not these guys! They know their stuff, they explain complicated accounting principles using clear and simple language and they’re all great fun to work with."

Richard Pearce, Co-Founder, Verto Homes

Don’t get us wrong; those firms have good people and know what they’re doing. But, the problem with other accountancies is that most were set up in the last century (or even the one before!) and retain similar hierarchical structures.

Heritage is good, but it doesn’t offer you value in today’s modern accountancy world. In today’s world, you should be able to assess financial performance whenever you want from your smartphone.

Gone are the days when you need to pay for teams of people to direct, manage and administer your account.

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Meet the Directors

Whyfield Directors, Laura and Roxane, have been at the helm of this award-winning accountancy firm in Cornwall since it started in 2014. Their story and friendship, however, go back over 2 decades…

Friends from the age of 11, they were inseparable at school. When starting out on their accountancy careers they would continue to meet on their lunch breaks. It’s no surprise they eventually joined forces to manage an accountancy practice of their own.

Despite being such close friends, they enjoy very different areas of accounting. Roxane prefers to get more involved in tax while Laura is often out and about meeting new clients.

Their individual strengths combine to create a winning balance in the running of Whyfield. When Roxane isn’t managing large workloads, she’s heading up internal operations while Laura gets her hands dirty with strategic planning and business support.

The vision and lifelong friendship of these two school friends are at the very core of Whyfield. It’s what makes our accountancy firm so different.

We want our clients to experience the riches that come from having such a long-lasting relationship at the foundations of a business.

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