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Business Growth Advice

The best asset your business has is you! So invest your time where it is needed most.

Take the Lead

When it comes to your business you are the expert, but there are lots of ways to grow a business and it can be hard to know which route to take. Our advice is provided by qualified and experienced staff who can share their knowledge about setting up and growing businesses successfully.

From the beginning

Perhaps you have an idea and need some help to get the ball rolling? We can explain the benefits or potential problems involved in setting up the different types of business structure, assist with preparation of a business plan alongside cashflow forecasts and budgets or give guidance to a business which is already established but needs help with which direction to take next.

Cashflow is King

Careful cashflow planning is vital in any business but even more so when you are looking to grow. We can prepare cashflow illustrations to support applications for finance, to explore different cash investments or maybe to see the viability of employing an additional member of staff. Whatever your reason it is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the cash movement in your business.

Half Price Advice?

Whyfield have been approved as Growth voucher advisers under the new government growth voucher scheme. This means that you could be entitled to a voucher worth up to £2000 which can be used against our fees for growth advice and planning! Get in touch for more details as the initiative isn’t available for very long.

Get funded

There is a vast amount of business funding and financing available and we have the resources to source the most suitable options for you and your enterprise. We can assist through the whole application process to help you increase your chances of successfully securing the capital you need.

More Ideas

Even the smallest changes to your operations can have a significant effect on your business profitability. We look to identify those areas which by making small adjustments and taking a step back to review your current systems, can increase productivity and in turn profit.

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