About us

Meet the Whyfield Team

Whyfield is made up of 23 friendly, passionate experts in modern accounting.

Our qualified team have valuable experience in bookkeeping, payroll and compliance and are also fully in tune with Making Tax Digital.



Let’s put faces to names…

  • Laura Whyte - Managing Director | Whyfield Accountants

    Laura Whyte

    Managing Director | Accountant

  • Roxane Neave - Operations Director | Whyfield Accountants

    Roxane Neave

    Operations Director | Accountant

  • Jess Crook - Practice Manager and Accountant | Whyfield Accountants

    Jess Crook

    Director of People and Development | Accountant

  • Emma Humphries - Businesses Services Accountant | Whyfield Accountants

    Emma Humphries

    Business Services Accountant

  • Tabitha Lawer - Accounts Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Tabitha Lawer


  • Cody Roberts - Accounts Assistant Apprentice | Whyfield Accountants

    Cody Roberts


  • Katrina Reynolds - Accounts Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Katrina Reynolds


  • Sophie Jinks - Accounts Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Sophie Jinks


  • Rebecca McCann - Accounts Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Rebecca McCann

    Accounts Assistant

  • Lily Browne - Trainee Accounts Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Lily Browne

    Trainee Accounts Assistant

  • Rachael Eames - Client Bookkeeper | Whyfield Accountants

    Rachael Eddy

    Bookkeeping Manager

  • Bev Lockwood - Bookkeeping Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Bev Lockwood

    Client Bookkeeper

  • Valentina Langley - Senior Bookkeeper and Management Accountant | Whyfield Accountants

    Valentina Langley

    Senior Bookkeeper and Management Accountant

  • Tamsyn Jose - Bookkeeping Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Tamsyn Jose

    Bookkeeping Assistant

  • Beth Roberts - Bookkeeping Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Beth Roberts

    Bookkeeping Assistant

  • Cherie Cheesman - Payroll Administrator | Whyfield Accountants

    Cherie Cheesman

    Payroll Technician

  • Meg Smith - Bookkeeping and Payroll Assistant | Whyfield Accountants

    Meg Smith

    Bookkeeping and Payroll Assistant

  • Matt Luff - Team Lead | Whyfield Accountants

    Matt Luff

    HR and Training and Development Manager

  • Megan Searle-Thomas - Marketing Manager | Whyfield Accountants

    Megan Searle-Thomas

    Marketing Manager

  • Kelsey O’Leary - Office Administrator | Whyfield Accountants

    Kelsey O’Leary

    Administration Manager

  • Charlie Metters - Office Support | Whyfield Accountants

    Charlie Metters

    Office Coordinator

  • Amethyst Newman - Office Administrator | Whyfield Accountants

    Amethyst Newman

    Office Administrator

  • Madi Roberts - Marketing Assistant Apprentice | Whyfield Accountants

    Madi Roberts

    Marketing Assistant Apprentice

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