• Autumn Budget 2021

    Autumn Budget 2021: The Key Points You Need to Know

    Get the key points from the UK Autumn Budget 2021 announcement. The chancellor revealed information on the wage increase and more.

    Published 27.10.21
  • The Super-Deduction

    The Super-Deduction

    The super-deduction was introduced in the 2021 Spring budget with a 130% capital allowance to encourage businesses to invest more.

    Published 19.08.21
  • The Spring Budget - The National Living Wage

    The Spring Budget 2021: The National Living Wage Increase

    The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates increase soon. Get up-to-date and find out the rates as of 1 April 2021.

    Published 15.03.21
  • The Spring Budget - Support for Businesses

    Spring Budget 2021: Support for Businesses

    The Chancellors’ spring Budget covered support for businesses available until the end of lockdown and beyond. Find out what you can receive.

    Published 04.03.21
  • The Spring Budget Key Points

    Spring Budget Key Points

    As Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces his Budget in the House of Commons, we take a quick look at the key points he has set out to help the UK bounce back.

    Published 03.03.21
  • Budget – The Key Points for Businesses and Employees - Whyfield Accountants

    Budget: The Key Points for Businesses and Employees

    Read up on the March budget announcement covering coronavirus response, business taxation, personal taxation, alcohol, tobacco and fuel.

    Published 11.03.20
  • Spring Statement Simplified

    In amongst all the talk around Brexit (deal or no deal), GDP, debt repayments, deficits, political posturing etc, team Whyfield has gone through the pain of listening to it all so that we could pluck out the meaningful stuff for you and your business. Here’s what you need to know… Growth 1.2% growth predicted for

    Published 13.03.19
  • What does the 2018 Budget mean for your business?

    The Chancellor Philip Hammond stood up at the despatch box to deliver what was expected to be the last Budget before Brexit. Due to pessimistic forecasts by the Office of Budget Responsibly, he actually had billions more to play with thanks to better than expected tax collections. With the “era of austerity finally coming to

  • Good or bad news: what does the latest budget mean for you?

    Good or bad news: what does the latest budget mean for you? Is it good or bad news?  We’ve all had a couple of weeks to digest our thoughts on the latest budget.  This post rounds up some of the key changes proposed by Philip Hammond and his Government colleagues. Here at Whyfield, we feel

    Published 29.03.17