Exercise has a multitude of benefits for the physical and mental health of our bodies and minds. It helps to create better, positive mindsets and improves our productivity levels.

How does exercise improve our physical and mental health?

Getting up and moving can be as simple as a brisk ten-minute walk each day. Studies have shown that even starting out with a small step such as this can reduce our chances of age and health-related diseases.

Exercise can help our minds to become more relaxed by being in the surroundings of nature and outdoors. Creating a routine and introducing exercise into our lives can help us to improve memory, our moods, sleep and more.

The 5 second rule

If motivating yourself doesn’t come so easy, try this tip to get yourself moving.

When you think you should get up to move, or think you have the time to do so, use the 5 second rule: Within the first 5 seconds of having the thought that you should move, get yourself up and get moving!

Acting within the first 5 seconds means you are far more likely to take the opportunity and get some exercise. If you’re looking for some ideas of ways you can exercise around your busy day, try the following:

  • Go for a walk first thing in the morning to awaken the body and mind
  • Make your meetings walking meetings
  • Go for a lunchtime walk
  • Use the park and ride
  • Get a walk in after dinner – this aids digestion and improves your sleep
  • Discover new coastal paths/ routes and share with work friends and family.

Try introducing meditation to your routine as well. Once you have mastered your daily exercise, go to the next step and see how meditation can help you to focus, relax and ground yourself after a busy day.

The benefits of keeping yourself active are endless. From being more focused at work to lower levels of blood sugar, find out more of the positive side effects that come from daily exercise.

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