There are hundreds of studies on how meditation can impact our lives and bodies in so many ways. Just ten minutes of meditation a day is enough to allow positive changes to happen within us, and if practised for 21 days, it will become a habit as studies have shown.

The best times to meditate

The most preferable time to do meditation is in the morning, first thing after a good sleep and when you’re just waking.

Really allowing yourself to relax into the meditation can help you to focus and be more productive in your day, help you to respond rather than react, relieve anxiety or stress and promote emotional health and self-awareness.

Meditation is also great before going to bed. It will bring your mind back down to a grounded state when your body is exhausted but your brain is still wired from the day.

This is especially important when dealing with our current situation. Many events are arising out of our control, many of which stem from the pandemic.

National Stress Awareness Week

This week (2 – 6 November 2020) is National Stress Awareness Week. Why not give meditation a try before the week ends, and start on your journey to relaxation

It is important to find a way of relaxing the chatter around everything happening in the world and introduce it to your daily routine. Doing so will help to bring ourselves some calm and mindfulness.

How to stop and relax

You don’t need a yoga mat, scented candles or uncomfortable positions to reap the benefits of meditation. Simply by lying in your bed, in the bath, in the car, anywhere you can stop for ten minutes will allow you to relax.

There are apps on both android and IOS with many meditation podcasts to help you with this. A favourite of mine is Meditation Minis. This podcast offers short, guided meditations such as ‘support and power meditation’, ‘relaxing into calming deepness’ and so many more, each easy to follow with a powerful message.

Have a look into the benefits of meditation and download some podcasts to start your day the right way.

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