Earlier this year we announced that we won another tender to supply mentoring support for the Unlocking Potential programme in Cornwall.  To date, we’ve given over 200 hours support to business ideas and startups.
Our support has included cash flow forecasting, bookkeeping, balance sheets, profit and loss, management accounts, financial ratios, survival budgeting and of course accounting software – the idea being that people with real growth potential will, in turn, contribute to a stronger local economy.
Working with people with bright ideas is so rewarding, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to get their ideas off the ground, start with solid financial foundations and perform better.  Here’s some of the valued feedback we’ve received:

“We found our two hours of mentoring with Laura incredibly empowering. Laura demystified the tax return process for us meaning we had the confidence and ability to complete our tax returns ourselves for the first time.”

“We found our two hours of mentoring with Laura incredibly empowering. After explaining the nature of how a partnership tax return and our individual returns interact as well as the various types of expenses we could claim we had the confidence and ability to complete all three returns ourselves for the first time. Additionally, we were given a forecasting tool which will prove hugely useful in the future, estimating our income streams and allowing us to plan more effectively.”

“The mentoring I received by Laura Whyte (Whyfield Ltd) was excellent. She took time to understand my business and identify the key areas in which I needed support, making sure her help would have the most impact possible. As I am very new to business and accountancy, I found Laura’s friendly, professional and encouraging manner really valuable – she was patient and I always felt I could ask the questions I needed. Her support covered business start up accountancy in which I ended with a really clear idea of the best system to use and an understanding of how to set it up. She also was a huge support on when helping me to complete a 3 year cash flow projection for the business – this was so valuable and has given me a clear understanding of the viability of the business over the next few years.

Throughout the process Laura has kept in touch frequently and offered me support to complete a very complicated grant application, meaning I have a good chance of securing funds which will help me to fully establish my business. Thank you Laura for all your support!”

“I am grateful for the coaching carried out by Laura regarding tackling my accounting pains, they were able to work through the grey areas in my understanding and put me in a position where I can confidently take my bookkeeping forward myself.”

“Having recently secured my first graduate job, I was looking to further understand the “back end” of the business and how this operates. Laura provided me with mentoring on topics such as VAT, account management and how to ensure financial documents are accurate. The mentoring sessions helped me feel more confident when updating financial information. Laura did an excellent job of breaking down complex matters into easy to understand snippets”.

“Thanks to Laura Whyte and her excellent bookkeeping mentoring I now know exactly what I need to do to straighten my accounts and concentrate on building my business. Thank you Laura!”

“The opportunity to work with Whyfield, even for a short period of time, was a real eye opener for myself and my business … not all accountants are the same and they have a real ability to communicate in a way that real businesses and real people understand. That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the Unlocking Potential programme and I’m grateful for that.”

Did you know we offer business mentoring as a package for our clients?  Get in touch to find out more.

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