At Whyfield, we have always been proactive in promoting ideas and resources that support the mental health and wellbeing of the people in your business.

UK businesses are taking the health and wellbeing of their staff more seriously. Now, health and wellbeing careers are becoming more popular.

We wanted to point out some of the opportunities available in wellbeing for those looking to take their passion for helping people to the next level.

Starting a health and wellbeing career in 2021

Are you always thinking about the wellbeing of others and how you can help people?

There are many options available to you to turn your passion into your career. There are different roles you can take on in a health and wellbeing career. Before you get started you may want to consider the following:

  • Do you want to work directly with clients?
  • Are you good at writing books, guides and other materials?
  • Can you run courses in your speciality?
  • Would you like to sell physical products?

Health and wellbeing jobs that are available today

We are all aware of and have possibly experienced the mental struggle created by social distancing rules in the UK.

Dealing with personal situations can be difficult and with over 12% of adults in the UK receiving treatment for their mental health, your expertise could help a lot of people.

Health and wellbeing services

Health and wellness coach

If you straight-up want to go into coaching people for their mental wellbeing, this could be the best option for you.

The role of a health or wellness coach is to guide personnel or even your own clients toward a healthier lifestyle in their workplace and personal lives. You would be aiding people in reaching their personal goals, improving and monitoring their wellbeing in the process.

As a coach, you would have expert knowledge of exercises and products that someone could implement into their daily routine. Pairing your coaching with other means of support would allow you to provide the whole package.

You could turn this into a fully-fledged business for yourself. Sell the products you recommend, host yoga sessions or even provide nutritional and physical guides to suit your client’s goals.

Yoga instructor

Teaching yoga could easily become part of your services as a wellness coach but there are always plenty of studios looking for trained instructors.

Getting yourself trained as a yoga instructor will allow you to help clients to ground themselves, invigorate their bodies and bring many other benefits to their physical and mental health.

With the pandemic bringing many services to online spaces, this is now something you could easily run from a home studio, should you want to go it alone.

Personal trainer

Another service that could go hand-in-hand with wellness coaching is personal training.

This is a very popular avenue to take for entrepreneurs looking to break into the wellness industry. If you’re good at helping people up close and personal this is another viable option.

As a personal trainer, you’ll be giving clients tailored guidance on their physical health. You may want to work directly with them to guide them on their fitness journey but like many things, you can even take this online.

You can write plans specifically designed to suit the client’s goals. Fitness and dietary advice can be given through plans and video calls.

You’ll monitor your clients progress through one-on-one fitness sessions or through the data they send back to you.

Selling health and wellbeing product

Essential oils

As a wellbeing coach or massage therapist, essential oils are (for lack of a better word) essential.

They complement these roles perfectly. Any coach or therapist should keep these in their arsenal to both use on clients and sell to them.

Natural, healthy foods

Do you relish the opportunities in experimenting with different flavours and ingredients?

You might want to take the chance to start your own well-being business that will allow you to express yourself through healthy foods while providing alternatives to the health-food market.

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